Student Life

The first semester of my Second Year has literally been one of the most hectic periods of time in my life so far.
Deadline after Deadline has fallen in front of me and I’m now down to my last 4 deadlines before the elusive and much needed Christmas break.

I’m slowly getting there, doing little bits of each assignment here and there, not only to keep my sanity during this busy time but because I feel like I want to give up with some of them.

Unfortunately, I can’t just give up, otherwise I guess I won’t be graduating with any sort of degree in 2016, well, unless they make Procrastination a formal university degree. So, to also help keep sanity as nearby as possible I’ve been taking small bits of time out with friends and family.

So, what’ve I been up to?

I heard a statement by a lecturer last week which said they’d expect to see “hungry and enthusiastic journalists” and in one sense I certainly am. I’m a trainee journalist who is certainly hungry…and enthusiastic, about food!
I spend a lot of my time off and my hard earned cash on fine dining.

The last few weeks I’ve eaten out a lot, I like to spend my free time going out for food, because I’m rarely disappointed by restaurant standard food and it makes me happy that I’ve eaten well.

I went to London, as you may have read in a previous blog. As I also like to spend days off out and about, rather than wasting a day being sat indoors.
I aim to go to the Christmas Markets in Manchester for my next outing, so you can look forward to a blog about that.

Finally, I spend a lot of my time watching Sports.
I follow Wigan Warriors Rugby League and Liverpool FC and a big proportion of my monthly earnings go towards watching them.
I’ve just renewed my Wigan season ticket and I’ve spent over £350 on tickets to see Liverpool this season.

So, I’m getting towards the end of my workload of assignments before the Christmas break. I’m hoping to spend my time off doing the things mentioned above so it won’t come as any surprise to you if you see posts entitled ‘Liverpool’ or ‘Christmas charisma’ or something along those lines.