Mrs.Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese

Number of dairy products sold sees a 5 year decline

The number of dairy products sold in the UK has seen a decrease of over 4% in the last 5 years, as numbers have dropped from 101million products to just over 98 million since 2011. The numbers have seen a steady decline, as prices on dairy products saw a significant increase.

Cuts to the price paid for milk caused mass protests from dairy farmers across the UK, who took to targeting supermarkets and clearing the shelves of milk cartons in what has been dubbed the “Milk Trolley Challenge”.

Although they did not participate in the “Milk Trolley Challenge”, Mrs. Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese has been hit by the decline in dairy sales. The producers of homemade Lancashire cheese, which stocks the likes of Harrods, Booths and Waitrose, find themselves producing a slightly smaller number of produce, owing to the decline in sales.

The production of the cheese at Mrs. Kirkhams starts from milking their own herd of cows, adding whey, milling the cheese and packing ready for selling. The family run business has been making their own branded cheese for 38 years, and are now up to the third generation of Kirkham cheese makers.

These photographs show us a few stages of how this Lancashire family make cheese, from the cow to the finished product. Each process is lengthy and sometimes tedious, but it is all a part of the Lancashire heritage and what makes Mrs. Kirkham’s such a popular choice.

They are willing to make the changes to get dairy sales back on the rise, taking their produce to independent businesses and even food festivals in their spare time. Their breakout into both local and National supermarkets and shops has shown their desire to keep dairy sales steady and that there is still a market for homemade products, not just mass production foods.

In these photographs are:

  • Graham Kirkham (Managing Director and Chief Cheesemaker)
  • Mike Kirkham (Cheesemaker and packaging/distributor)
  • Amy (Cheesemaker)

All available to contact at 01772 865335.




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