An afternoon with T 

6 foot tall and hair longer than mine, also sporting a freshly chipped tooth from battle, it is easy to see why I was nervous at the prospect of interviewing Wigan Warriors’ Taulima Tautai. Truth be told, I was also really looking forward to it despite the nerves.

IMG_7844Earlier in the Season, I took to the Wigan press box to live tweet some match updates to my own personal account, since then I have operated the big screen, set up matchday equipment, shadowed post game interviews and worked some Twitter magic for the Warriors account. Never, a few months ago, did I think I’d get to do all this, but I am really enjoying my work experience and learning new things all the time, social media tricks and interview techniques etc.

So the opportunity arose for me to interview one of the players, and of course it was an opportunity not to be missed. I chose one of the new boys on the scene Taulima Tautai, in his first season at Wigan, so I had a good marker to start my interview with. A bit of a four hour wait for T to finish training and we were all set for my first interview with one of the players. The camera was rolling, interview was in full flow and it was going well (if you forget about my struggle to pronounce consistent midway through) and I was really happy with how it went. The questions flowed, with a few nervous stutters here and there, the answers were good and lengthy and it felt very natural.

My first interview with someone of some significance and it didn’t go too badly at all, I just have to be thankful that the towering height, hair and chipped tooth are just the cover of a player with great humour and a very genuine personality.

If you want to know more about Taulima’s first season as a Wigan player and how he feels heading into the Super 8s, visit 


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