NCTJ Nerves

Now over half way through my University Degree, and it’s almost time for my second NCTJ exam.

For those who don’t know, my course is NCTJ accredited and allows us the opportunity to get an extra diploma, with a lot of hard work to get there. Many Universities do not offer this as an extra on their Journalism courses, which leaves student Journalists paying and struggling to do their NCTJ diploma in their own time. Personally, in my experience of what is required for the diploma, this would be extremely difficult.

Brunel's Journalism degree accredited by NCTJ

I already have 1 of the 7 requirements under my belt, which is my 100wam Shorthand. Now, I am working towards my second which is the NCTJ reporting exam. This is an exam of 2hours and 45minutes, and as a person who struggles with the stress of exams and finds it hard to revise, it’s fair to say that as the day draws closer, I’m starting to get more and more nervous.

However, after a brilliant start with two Shorthand NCTJ passes (Both first time) I am quite determined to pass all 7 requirements of the diploma.

Today, I spent a while making some flashcards with long definitions on one side, and shorter definitions on the reverse. For anyone else who struggles with exams and revise, I find that this is a better way to get the information to stick in my head. Make them brightly coloured, so during the exam you can think of the colour to trigger remembrance of information, and also the ability to carry them around and have a quick look at them whilst you are out and about, I feel, really helps, and means you don’t have to sit there for hours on end re-reading one same plain piece of paper with the information on.

Due to this, the blog may be quiet between now and after my exam. (Don’t worry, it’s only 4 days away) Apologies in advance for the lack of updates between now and then! Have a good weekend


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