Miranda Hart

Miranda ‘I do. But to who?’ BBC 1 (Series Finale 1. 2014) Review by Charlotte Fletcher.

Host: Miranda Hart

Such Fun, Miranda will have you splitting at the sides (∗∗∗∗ Four Stars)

The tall lady of comedy has struck again in her series finale of the self-titled comedy show, which sees her answer her dilemma of who to marry, after being left on a cliff-hanger from Series Three.

The usual quirky humour can be expected from Miranda and her all star cast, as the episode wanders through the dilemma of the wedding of the century, after much deliberation. Sarah Hadland adds an extra delight to the cast as the 5″1 blonde beauty stars alongside Miranda, standing at 6″1, a lovely pairing of short and tall.

This episode follows perfectly from the antics of Series 1-3 as it starts to conclude the refreshing comedy show, but not too soon, as it offers yet another cliffhanger, after a shocking ending, which leads the path to the very last episode of Miranda.



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