Would I Lie To You?

Would I lie to you? BBC 1 (Series 7, Episode 1. 2013) Review by Charlotte Fletcher.

Host: Rob Brydon. Team Captains: Lee Mack, David Mitchell. Special guests: Vernon Kay, Dara O Briain, Denise Van Outen, Rhod Gilbert.

Brilliant, one of the best comedy panel shows (∗∗∗∗ Four Stars)

You’ll be literally splitting at the sides, or will you? This show combines the art of poker-face and barefaced lies with a top heavy portion of comedy, as host Rob Brydon asks his guests what is the truth and what is a lie, from some outrageous statements.

The show is never short of humorous chat as team captains, David Mitchell and Lee Mack, lead the way in making for a warming batch of laughter, with special guests each week having their comedic input.

The progression of true and false statements give the show a steady theme that is easy for the audience to engage with and follow, which will keep them glued for the whole duration, and certainly urge them to return and watch the programme on a regular basis.

Brydon injects a dose of laughter from the off with his hilarious introductions for the guests, which gets the audience in the mood instantly, hooking them into the continuing witty banter. With the heavy influence of professional comedians the wise cracks are present from start to finish, bound to have you chortling emphatically.

‘Would I lie to you?’ is the perfect panel show for those with a love of British comedy, offering the viewer an enjoyable experience with a healthy amount of hilarity.



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