10 signs Christmas is coming

So we’ve reached the highly anticipated month of December and we all know what that means, Christmas is nearly here! So here’s 10 signs we know Christmas is just around the corner.

1) The never-ending realm of Christmas start to appear…everywhere. On the Radio, on the TV, in shops. They just do not go!

Christmas Dance animated GIF

2) It’s time to dig out the ‘Winter Coat’ because a simple stroll to the shops just isn’t the same when your fingers turn purple and you lose the feeling in your toes because it is just TOO cold to wear anything less than 7 layers of clothing.

A Christmas Story Christmas animated GIF

3) Having to spend the first twenty minutes of your ‘journey’ waiting for the car to warm up, defrosting the windows several times and doing the annual Windscreen Scraping workout.

Cold Fargo animated GIF

4) Everyone is just far too happy all the time, when you aren’t quite in that Christmassy mood…someone else is guaranteed to be.

Elf Excited animated GIF

5) Going to work when it’s dark, and then coming home when it’s dark.

Black Black And White animated GIF

6) When you live in the UK and 2 measly centimetres of snow seems like a humongous snow storm…then you see the news saying the USA has around 2 metres of snow and the reality of rubbish ‘white Christmases’ in the UK becomes apparent. You then also spend the majority of your day just sat staring at the snowfall through the window instead of doing anything productive.

Home Alone Movies animated GIF

7) The hectic Christmas present buying starts. Shops become the last place in the World that you want to be, and Black Friday madness descends.

Action Black Friday animated GIF

8) You then end up buying people smelly sets and thinking you’ve bought them the best present in the World…but then hate it when you receive smelly sets on Christmas day.

Cat Child animated GIF

9) Beware if you have epilepsy, the neighbours don’t hold back on the crazy Christmas decorations. Sleep? what’s that, the damn bright lights keep you awake!

Christmas Christmas Lights animated GIF

10) Of course, the most obvious sign that Christmas is coming, is when this bad boy appears on the TV screens


What are your favourite, or maybe not so favourite signs that Christmas is on its way? Let me know! @beingaliceblog or in the comments


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