This week I had a much needed week off work, so I made my first official trip to the Capital of London.
Some people find it a little strange that I live in England but have never been to the Capital City, but I’ve never had the chance and now I earn my own money and spend a lot of time going on days out, I felt like now was a good time to make the trip.

I went on Bonfire Night, expecting some firework spectacular when darkness fell….yeah, I think I saw a maximum of three fireworks when I was outside Westfield, slightly disappointing.

I got to see all the usual sights of the City, including a trip to the Tower of London which, at the minute, is covered with poppies and looks amazing. If you’re visiting soon, I’d advise you go and see them before they go, because they are a really good sight and might be being permanently removed.

I’m also the kind of tourist who buys things when I’m in a different City or Town, just as an excuse to buy things.
So my pointless impulsive buy in London was a replica wand from the Harry Potter films in an authentic Ollivander’s box and with a certificate…why did I buy it? No idea!


But for my first time in London, I really enjoyed it. I don’t think I’d like to live there, it’s far too hectic for my liking. But for short trips its a great place to go!

Maybe see you soon LDN.



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