Some fans seeing Red

A lot of people have been getting frustrated with Liverpool’s start to the new season, and it’s frustrating me reading some of the comments. So I’ve decided to set the record straight on what my opinion on the new season is going.

Okay, so the talking point of the summer was Luis Suarez’s departure to Barcelona after a fantastic few seasons at Liverpool. I think we were all expecting his missing presence to make an impact, the Premier League’s leading striker does have that accolade. But I’ve seen a lot of people saying ‘Oh well it’s not the same team as we were last year.’ They are saying it in such a negative way, but it is true, we aren’t the same team as last year…that’s down to our new signings and our departures, it is hard to expect a changing team to perform the exact same way that the did the year before.

#RodgersOut is another rather frustrating thing to see, Brendan Rodgers has been excellent for Liverpool since becoming manager. Last year for example, he got us back into the Champions League and narrowly missed out on us being crowned Premier League Champions (Cue Slippy G and The last time Liverpool won the league jokes). I think a section of the Liverpool fans are being very harsh on Rodgers, he’s tried to make some worthwhile signings and you can see how frustrated he is at the end of each match, where anything less than 3 points is the result. It is similar to the David Moyes situation. Yes, i’ll openly admit that I don’t particularly like Manchester United, but I think the dismissal of David Moyes was harsh and premature, especially comparing his performance to that of newest manager Louis Van Gaal.

Personally, I think although we’ve had a rocky start to the season with not too many wins to celebrate, some people need to reassess the situation, Liverpool are still sitting in the top half of the table and are still showing promising progress, I think we are creating the chances but not converting them, so hopefully when the goals start flowing, we’ll start to make a bit more of an impact on the League.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s opinions on the season so far, feel free to comment or tweet me @BeingAliceBlog


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