I guess it’s Winter now

The nights are getting earlier and earlier, the wooly pyjamas have been dug out, the heating is on full blast in the car and the Winter coats are out in full force.

I think it’s truly kicking in that the Summer is over and we’ll have to accept the Winter weather is on its way.

If the cold weather wasn’t bad enough, the bitter illnesses have also started. A lot of people at University have already been suffering from colds and flu like symptoms…and now it’s my turn.
I’ve spent the last three days getting more and more ill and it’s the most frustrating thing when you have heaps of assignments to negotiate with.

Monday I had to deal with one of those annoying little sniffles, Tuesday I had an annoying tickly cough with hints of headaches and then today I’ve had to stay in bed feeling sorry for myself because even the slightest wrong movement meant that I span out into a weird dizzy craze and felt ridiculously sick.

I hope these endless days of petty illness die down soon but with the heaviest of the Winter weather still to come I know they probably won’t.

Anybody else fancy wallowing in self pity too? Join the club!


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