Being Alice

On publication of my new blog, I thought it best to tell you all a little bit more about life ‘Being Alice’.

First things first, I’m not actually Alice, more Charlotte Alice; though Alice is preferred by some family members. Alice was a name handed down to me from the generations and one which has stuck as more of a nickname but reflects well as it gives me that sense of a split personality.

See, I’m a 19 year old University Student, I hold down two jobs as a shop assistant and a ticket agent whilst also having a very large family to try and see as often as possible. Sometimes I get the feeling that I need to split myself up to get time to do everything that needs to be done, so that is why I went with the blog name ‘Being Alice’.

Most of the time I walk around, attending lectures, going to work, seeing my family and I have to be Charlotte for as long as possible; so when I take the time out to write for you on my blog I will take on the role of Alice, a part of me which I hope can unwind and make time to write some interesting blog posts for all to read.

I hope you can all relate to and enjoy the blog posts of the future, but for now that’s just a little taster of how life is being Alice.


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